05 August, 2013

Theirs Was A Love Story

Fifteen minutes. 

That’s what they say we all get in the spotlight.  Yes, they even say that in Hollywood.  Fifteen minutes to bask in the glory of blinking spotlights and cruising limousines and signing autographs.

But that wasn’t for them.

They didn’t care about spotlights and limousines and autographs.

Theirs was a love story.

Much like their characters on the hit show ‘Glee,’ they fell in love while singing, and acting, and portraying people bigger in life than themselves.

Love in the time of cholera?  Try love in the time of action and cut.  'Cause yeah, it happens.  And it happened to these two. 

It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again, but these two really were like their characters on-screen.  Shy but fearless, humble but talented, outcasts but family.  And we watched them fall in love as it happened.  Two kids caught-up in something bigger than life – larger than life they call it – and we rooted for them.  Their story, sure, but them.  Two real people, and we rooted for them just as much as when Finn and Rachel sang at Regionals and Nationals.

But then, sadly, he passed away.  Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly addressed Mr. Monteith’s death by saying the show will "deal directly with the incidents involved.”  And “[Miss Michele] has been a pillar of strength.”  Show-Creator Ryan Murphy said the first two episodes of the new season will [still] be a Beatles tribute [but will be] tweaked slightly because of Monteith's passing.  [Then] the third episode will deal with the death of Monteith's character, Finn, and his castmates will record PSAs [Public Service Announcements] about drug abuse.  Asked if Finn would die of drugs – if they would write the character on the show as dying from a drug overdose – Reilly replied, "I can't confirm that.  [But we are] going to speak to that issue with the PSAs."

Finn – that is Mr. Monteith – died in Vancouver last month of a drug overdose.  He’d struggled with addiction before and had gone to rehab.  “[But] he was not a problem," Reilly said. "It was an accident that happened to somebody struggling with addiction."

Finn, Monteith, Rachel, Michele.  Yeah, the lines blur.  And they probably will for a long time to come.  Because their lives blur right along-side their characters, in the same way Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford did;  and Errol Flynn & Olivia De Havilland and Burt Reynolds & Loni Anderson and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. 

There’s an old adage in journalism (some guy named Benjamin Franklin said it):  believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.   So how much do we really know about Hollywood romance?  Or – for better or worse – how much of it is even true?

Already so much has been written about Mr. Montieth’s death, so I’m not going to continue it here.  So why am I writing about it at all, you ask?  Because I had the pleasure of working on ‘Glee’ for a little while, so I can’t help but feel a certain kinship for those characters;  and, yes, for the people behind those characters.  While too much will probably continue to be written about Mr. Montieth’s death, I thought it’d be nice to write just a little commemorating his life.  His career, his passions, and his love.

Because it was a love story.

So what if all any of us get are those fifteen minutes in the spotlight?  Well, his were at least fifteen minutes too short.  And for Miss Michele?

Yeah, so were theirs.

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